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Frayer Vocabulary Model

The Frayer Model is a graphic Organizer used for word analysis and vocabulary building. The four squares guide a child to define a word on concept through 1) the definition of the term/ concept 2) essential characteristics of that term/ concept 3) Providing examples of the term/concept 4) providing non-examples of the term/ concept

This strategy allows students to understand the term through the definition and characteristics and then apply their knowledge to the examples and non-examples.

An additional aspect of drawing a picture or symbol for the word might be beneficial, especially for visual learners.

How can I use it in class?

  • Use it to introduce new vocabulary terms for a story or passage.

  • Use it to introduce the "big picture" of a topic or concept you are studying.

  • Use it to review or assess a concept or term that you have studied to see if students understand concept beyond memorizing definitions.

  • Use it as a guide for students to locate words that they have problems with individually as they read.

  • Use it as a guide for students to select important vocabulary words from a selection.


Definition, Template, and samples from Content areas

Content Area Samples

Definition and Step by Step Instructions

Frayer inWord Document Template

Frayer in Smartboard Document Form


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